NHS patients and the new contract

NHS Patients

What does the new NHS contract mean to you?

As an existing NHS patient of the practice you may be wondering why you have not been recalled for your routine dental examination. We have included here a letter that will be shortly emailed out to all patients explaining the implications of the new contract on your care here at Celtic Dental Practice.

‘The NHS in Wales has radically changed the way dental practices are to deliver care moving forward in 2022.

For the new system the Welsh government has insisted that we prioritise care to the proportion of the population that most needs it. This is essentially the 50% of the population that does not attend a dentist regularly and may have the highest need for treatment.

While this is an admirable goal on the part of the Welsh Government, in areas of Wales where dentists are already in such short supply this will further stretch our very limited resources. As a result of this you may find that we cannot provide a routine level of care for our regular attending patients who the Local Health Board deems as ‘low risk’. Or, if you do need care there may be a long wait for you to have the treatment you need.

We are still totally committed to providing you with urgent care and if you do have an urgent problem, please contact us for an appointment but please try and be mindful that these appointments are in high demand.

At Celtic Dental Practice we have always prided ourselves on providing the best care we possibly can for our patients and we do feel that regular check-ups are an essential part of your care. Sometimes catching decay early in a tooth and before symptoms develop can be the difference between needing a filling or having that tooth removed. We also believe that regular instruction and cleaning visits with a hygienist are a vital part of your preventive care.

We do have a limited number of private places at our practice and can offer a dental plan starting for as little as £8 per month which will cover you for your examinations and hygiene visits. We currently have a waiting list for private patients wanting to attend our practice but feel we should offer these places to our existing loyal patients first. As a Private or Plan patient you will also have access to priority booking.

If you would like to take up one of these places please contact reception where they will be happy to provide you with an appointment and details of the plan.

As a practice we are fully supportive of the NHS care system in Wales but feel this move within dentistry at this time when we are still trying to catch up on backlog of care post pandemic, may not be in the best interest of all our patients. Despite negotiations by the Local Dental Committee with the Local Health Boards and direct appeals to Welsh Members of Senedd we have been unable to alter the direction or the timing of these changes. We aim to try and honour our NHS contract for as long as we possibly can and as long as it is financially viable for us as a practice.’